The Problem in Politics Today

The biggest problem in politics today is obviously money. The Citizens United Supreme Court decision basically put Congress up for sale to the highest bidder. The result is that the establishments of both parties are controlled by billionaires or near billionaires.

This does not mean that the parties are the same. The billionaires controlling the Democratic establishment are mainly from Wall Street or Silicon Valley and are center, center right, or even center left. The billionaires controlling the Republican party are from the energy sector (which are dominantly Republican) as well as Wall Street and Silicon Valley and are right, far right, or very far right.

The problem for working class people is that neither party is particularly interested in doing any thing on their behalf. Again, this does not mean the two parties are the same. The Democratic attitude towards the working class is akin to Richard Nixon’s stated attitude towards civil rights, name one of benign neglect. The problem with that attitude is that Nixon’s benign neglect of civil rights was counter-balanced by a Democratic party that was still pushing for civil rights while the Democratic attitude of benign neglect towards the working class has in the opposition Republicans a party which is downright hostile towards to the working class.

The result of this has been a slow but sure decline of the economic well-being of the working class. The Democrats will often actively oppose the attempts by the Republicans to tear down the working class, but the Democrats have done virtually nothing to boost their economic well-being. So as long as the attitudes of the party establishments stays as is the working class can expect to suffer a continued slow economic decline.