Will Donald Trump’s wealth decrease because he is president?

When he was president elect Donald Trump used that status to promote his hotel business. Since the inauguration he has done the same, albeit at a lower level or more behind the scenes. So it is obvious that he thinks that being president will make him even richer than he already is. I think he may be mistaken about that, seriously mistaken.

Numerous people other than me have said that Donald Trump is ISIL’s¹ best recruiting tool. This is even more true after his ban on (some) Muslim immigration. His status as President also makes him a prime target of terrorists and a lot of other people, but the President is probably the best protected person in the world. But what about Trump’s properties? He has hotels in Washington DC, Miami, Waikiki, Chicago, Las Vegas, New York (2), Albermarle Virginia (at a winery) and that is just in the United States. There are also Trump hotels in Panama and Rio de Janiero. This is a list of some of the other hotels and such which are outside of the United States and have Trump’s name on them.

Now, what happens if there is an attack by ISIL/Al Qaeda/whoever on a Trump branded property?  If it’s a minor attack (one or two people killed²), probably not much, especially if it happens in a Muslim country. If it is a situation where Trump made a deal with the hotel owner to put the Trump name on the building then Trump has no money at stake. The hotel owner may talk to his lawyers to see if he can get out of the deal and it would certainly discourage any future deals of that type, but it can’t create an actual loss for Trump like it could for the building owner. But what if there are multiple attacks and one such attack is on a Trump owned and operated hotel in the U.S.? That might get potential guests thinking ‘Do I really want to stay at a Trump hotel if that makes me a potential target for a terrorist?’. This is especially true since most people greatly over estimate the risk of being killed or injured in a terrorist attack. This means that an attack on one Trump hotel in the U.S. would discourage people from staying at any Trump hotel in the U.S. or the world.

A complicating factor for Trump in this situation is that a hotel is a tough building to protect. The security personnel would expect to see a lot of people whom they have never seen before walking into the building throughout the day and evening. In addition, there will be numerous vehicles, again which the security people have never seen before, pulling right up to the front entrance throughout the day and evening. The kind of security necessary to protect the hotel would almost certainly be annoying to the typical person who would stay at a Trump hotel and would also remind those people that the hotel was a potential terrorist target.

So, what are the chances that something like I described above actually happening? I have no idea. The information I would need to make such an assessment is in the hands of either ISIL or the intelligence community, neither of which is going to make that information public unless it is to their benefit in some way. As such I am not sure I would trust the information released to be all that accurate or truthful. The only things I am fairly certain of is that ISIL would love to strike back at Trump and that the Trump properties are an obvious target.

  1. There are three names I have seen used to refer to the would-be caliphate, ISIS, ISIL, and Daesh. I don’t use the term ISIS because that is also the name of an ancient Egyptian goddess and there are numerous businesses around the world that use that name in their title. I don’t use Daesh because the members of that organization consider that name to be an insult. I don’t have a problem at all with insulting those bozos, but that creates a side issue that is irrelevant to the point I am trying to make in this post.
  2. Obviously not minor to the one or two people killed or their loved ones, but I am trying to look at the bigger picture.



I have seen this photograph, or another of the same gathering, on a number off websites. It was always described as a number of prosperity gospel preachers blessing Donald Trump. My question about this photograph is this: has there ever been a photograph with more con-artists in it than this one? Because that is all prosperity gospel preachers are, con-artists.¹

It was only recently that I realized that there was something about this photo that wasn’t right. The posture is wrong. In every other photo/painting/sculpture that I have seen of one person blessing another the person giving the blessing has been in the superior, upright position while the person receiving the blessing has been in an inferior or obeisant position such as bowing or kneeling. So I don’t think that this is a group of prosperity gospel preachers blessing Donald Trump, as it is a group of con-artists paying homage to the greatest con-artist of our time. After all, Donald Trump just conned millions of Americans into believing that he cares about working class people.

  1. I had an aunt and uncle who gave so much money to a prosperity gospel preacher that they lost their house and had to move into a double-wide. If you had told their preacher about it he would probably have stroked his chin and thought ‘Hmm, they could still afford a double-wide and not just a single-wide. Where did I go wrong?’

Religious leaders supporting Donald Trump.

In my opinion any religious leader who endorses Donal Trump forfeits the right in the future to criticize anyone concerning any ethical or moral issue. I am thinking specifically of Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council and Jerry Falwell Jr. of Liberty University, but there are many others.I say this because Donald Trump is the most unethical and immoral person ever to run for the presidency as the candidate of a major political party.

Now that is a tough standard considering how many of the early political candidates and presidents were either pro-slavery or slave owners or both. But Donald Trump has the fervent support of every white supremacist¹ and neo-nazi organization out there. In addition he has been married three time and has bragged about cheating on all three wives. He is a sexual predator. He deliberately walked into the dressing room of the Miss Teenage America specifically so that he could see under aged girls in various stage of undress including complete nudity, thus he is also a child predator. Trump University was a complete fraud from the very beginning. The Trump Foundation has almost certainly committed fraud. He has stiffed hundreds of contractors on his various building projects². And the list goes on.

So why would all of those religious leaders support him? Well, he a racist, as are most of those religious leaders. He is also misogynistic, ditto the religious leaders. He would rule as an autocrat, which would be fine with those religious leaders as long as he allowed them to impose a Christian theocracy form of rule, which he might do, as long as it did not apply to him or his fellow billionaires.

After Trump crashes and burns in the election all of those religious leaders will go right back to emphasizing the importance of marriage, family values and insisting on a puritanical attitude toward sex while pretending that they were never really all that supportive of Donald Trump. But when they do that I will feel free to ridicule them for their ongoing hypocrisy and simply ignore their rantings. I would ignore them anyway, but without the ridicule part.

  1. I will not use the terms alt-right or white nationalist. They are white supremacists. These are just attempts by the white supremacists to create new code words for groups that the white supremacists will recognize as kindred spirits but that the public will think are something less objectionable and less obnoxious.
  2. Donald Trump likes to say that he only hires the best people. But the reason he gives for stiffing all of those contractors is that they all did bad work. If he always hires the best people then why does he almost always hire contractors who do bad work. Also, to the best of my knowledge, he never can actually point out any bad work that those contractors did.

Global Warming

The Chicago Cubs are the cause of global warming. All of those flying pigs are generating a little more heat. But the main thing is that Hell has obviously frozen over and all of that heat had to go somewhere, so it went into the earth’s atmosphere. It’s still worth it.


The Klu Klux Klan has a long history of acts of terrorism. I can think of no other word to describe the thousands of lynching’s performed by the KKK. Picture yourself as a black family in the old South. A group of men wearing white robes and hoods rides up on horseback carrying flaming torches. They dismount and force their way into your house. They seize a male member of your family, take him outside and hang him. You would be terrorized, and that was the whole idea; to terrorize the black community into being submissive to white domination and to be submissive to whites in general.

I read a while back that the KKK has been infiltrating police forces across the US for a few years. I cannot imagine that the KKK is infiltrating those police forces for any other reason than to be able to harm black people with impunity.

Now I know that the public face of KKK has disavowed violence. However, they always have been and still are a secret organization. So, while the public face has disavowed violence, you have no idea what the 99%+ whose identities are not known are doing in the background. As a result, I do not believe the public face of the KKK when they say they have disavowed violence. I think what actually has happened is that the KKK decided to swap the white robe and hood for a police uniform and badge, the flaming torch for a police flashlight, and the noose for a police sidearm. While the vast majority of lynching’s were targeted at a specific individual I think the KKK now tells their police department recruits to look for a set of circumstances, an altercation with a black man and an excuse, any excuse, to kill him. Excuses can be totally subjective as ‘I thought he had a gun’ or ‘I thought he was going for a gun’ or they can be as objective as ‘He had a gun’ or ‘He was carrying a concealed weapon’ ignoring such facts as, in the first instance, he was open carrying in an open carry state or, in the second instance, that he had a permit for a concealed weapon.

As a result, I firmly believe that at least some of the recent police killings of innocent black men were nothing less than KKK executions. Which leads to my question, why has the government not designated the KKK as a terrorist organization?

I can think of a number of reasons why that has not happened:

  1. They haven’t thought of it. This would be understandable as I didn’t think of it until recently and I have not read of anyone else saying it.
  2. They think they need more evidence. The issue here would be whether the FBI would really be interested in investigating the KKK. During the civil rights era the FBI may well have expended more time and resources investigating Martin Luther King, other civil rights leaders, and leftists supporting the civil rights movement than they did investigating the KKK. So it may well depend on how much things have changed at the FBI.
  3. There would be a huge outcry from the far right about how the poor white supremacists are being picked on or that the only terrorists are Islamic.
  4. There is the problem of what to do with all current members of the KKK since membership in a terrorist organization is, in and of itself, a crime. This is a non-trivial problem as there are at least tens of thousands or KKK members and possibly hundreds of thousands. I would propose a three-pronged approach to this problem:
  • The upper levels of the KKK should be prosecuted.
  • The police recruited by the KKK who have killed innocent black people should be prosecuted. In any case, any police officer who belongs to the KKK should be forever prohibited from holding any position within the criminal justice system.
  • The rest of the KKK membership, presumably the majority, should not be prosecuted. They should, however, be put on notice that if they join any other white supremacist organization which then starts killing black people then they would be prosecuted for their membership in the KKK. The idea here is to avoid having the majority of the KKK members quit the KKK in mass and then join some other organization which starts doing the same thing as the KKK.

If I am right and nothing is done about the KKK then one by one over the coming years police departments across the US will become nothing less than branches of the KKK. As an example, consider the case of a police department in Weirton, West Virginia where the Chief of Police fired a police officer for not killing a black man. I don’t know whether that chief of police is a member of the KKK or not, but that is what will start happening more and more as KKK members get into positions of hiring and firing within police departments.

So, I will finish by repeating my question. Why has the KKK not been designated as a terrorist organization?