Zombie Movies

You probably think that a zombie movie is a movie with zombies in it. But I want to create a new definition of a zombie movie. My definition is a movie where everyone listed in the credits you can see walking and talking on the screen, but they’re dead.  This meshes well with the description of zombies as ‘the walking dead’.

For my first zombie movie I chose Casablanca released in 1943.


Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age at death
Claude Rains 11/10/1889 05/30/1967 77
Conrad Veidt 01/22/1893 04/03/1943 50
Curt Bois 04/05/1901 12/25/1991 90
Dooley Wilson 04/03/1886 05/30/1953 67
Humphrey Bogart 12/25/1899 01/14/1957 57
Ingrid Bergman 08/29/1915 08/29/1982 67
John Qualen 12/08/1899 09/12/1987 87
Joy Page 11/09/1924 04/18/2008 83
Leonid Kinskey 04/18/1903 09/08/1998 95
Madeleine Lebeau 06/10/1923 05/01/2016 92
Paul Henreid 01/10/1908 03/29/1982 84
Peter Lorre 06/26/1904 03/23/1964 59
S.Z. Sakall 02/02/1883 02/12/1955 72
Sydney Greenstreet 12/27/1879 01/18/1954 74

Now you might think that that is an old enough movie to be obvious that it is a zombie movie, but note that Madeleine Lebeau didn’t die until May 1, 2016 which means that Casablanca had been a zombie movie for less than a year at the time I wrote this post. Indeed, another very famous movie, Gone With the Wind, released four years earlier, featured a young actress by the name of Olivia de Havillind who is still alive and hopefully well at the age of 100. So Gone With the Wind is not yet a zombie movie. One other thing that can extend the time before a movie attains zombie status is whether the movie has any child actors listed in the credits.

One other thing you could do with this concept is to assign a level of zombieness to a movie. That would be the percentage of the people listed in the credits who have died. This could lead to some interesting situations. For example in the last movie of the Hunger Games series, The Mockingjay Part 2, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, who played the character Plutarch Heavensbee, died before the movie was completed. So when the movie was released it already had a zombieness level greater than zero. But at the very end of the movie the character Katniss Everdeen, played by Jennifer Lawrence, is holding her baby, who is actually the nephew of Jennifer Lawrence and is listed in the credits. So the movie is released with a zombieness level greater than zero yet, because of a six-month old baby listed in the credits, may not achieve true zombie status until sometime in the next century.